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What's New

Tuesday's Order Of Go.
Good Tuesday morning! Here's today's order of go. Join us online at http://www.richfieldvideo.com/watch/:

4 Callaway's Cashflow
7 Yes You May
9 She's A Brewing
12 Tempt Me Not
19 Irish Hill Park
21 Callaway's Wild Irish Rose
27 A Royal Opportunity
29 Callaway's Photo Opportunity
30 Born To Be Spirited
31 She's Got Spirit
37 An Affair In The Park
38 Callaway's Vegas Lights
39 Guy On The Prowl
42 Callaway's Caroline Jackson
43 Prince Of Prowlin
44 Treasure That Lasts
55 Heavenly Watch
61 Taste Of Royalty
62 Regards
69 Griffith Park
75 HS She's California Dreaming
77 Callaway's Guy Park
100 MBA's Cary's Sure Will
101 Guys' Night Out
102 Glenmore's Winning Time
103 She's Got The Blues
106 Belle Reve's Sgt. Pepper
107 Heartland Feel The Thunder
108 S Sparrow Express
109 Havana Rumba
110 Cincinnati Kid
155 Samur Please
112 Mambo Jambo
113 Glenmore's Win Me Over
114 Callaway's Busy Boy
115 Get Out
154 More Than A Memory
117 Gotham Stone SS
119 It's Mr. Big
120 She's Extra Charming
121 Fox Grape's Fort Defiance
122 Kalarama's Mr. Brown
123 Cloverleaf Ladybird
124 Bet It All
125 Travel'in Girl
127 Whippoorwill's All Lit Up
128 Fox Grape's Loyal Opposition
130 Heartland He's Too Rich
132 Nutcracker's Suite Heart
133 Heir Cooled
134 Heartland Ever After
135 Seeking Major Tom
136 Landmark's Mon Ami
137 Mountjoy's On Thin Ice
138 Pleasant Spring
139 Mastercraft's Fireball LF
140 Scandalous Charm
141 He's Such A Pistol
143 Harlem's Hidden Asset
145 Face Of A Gypsy
146 Gloria Bea
147 Evening Dance
148 Fox At Dawn
149 Lookin' Ready
150 Ashlyn's Sweetheart
151 Reach Higher
152 Dun-Haven Nobility
153 G.V. Radiant Gun

Autumn Sale dates. Friday & Saturday, Oct. 31 - Nov. 1, 2014. Plan to join us!

Richfield Video WebCast here, beginning 10:30 a.m. Phone bids accepted at 502.802.6977/Jimmy Robertson. Join us!

Updated schedule for Monday and Tuesday: Lots of outstanding consignments and a few changes at the Robertson Equine Sales Spring event. Here's an update:


Monday -- Sale begins at 10:30 a.m., starting with Hip #1 - #99, and then #160 - #168, excluding selected consignments from the Curry dispersal.


Tuesday -- Tack sale, 7:30 a.m. (not Monday, as previously disclosed);

10:30 a.m.: After the following consignments from the Curry Dispersal are offered, our general consignments (#100 - #155) will sell. Here are the Curry consignments that will lead off on Tuesday morning: #4, Callaway's Cashflow; #7, Yes You May; #9, She's A Brewing; #12, Tempt Me Not; #19, Irish Hill Park; #21, Callaway's Wild Irish Rose; #27, A Royal Opportunity; #29, Callaway's Photo Opportunity; #30, Born To Be Spirited; #31, She's Got Spirit; #37, An Affair In The Park; #38, Callaway's Vegas Lights; #39, Guy On The Prowl; #42, Callaway's Caroline Jackson; #43, Prince Of Prowlin; #44, Treasure That Lasts; #55, Heavenly Watch; #61, A Taste Of Royalty; #62, Regards; #69, Griffith Park; #75, HS She's California Dreaming and #77, Callaway's Guy Park.


Visit our Consignments, Curry Dispersal consignments and PDF catalog listings, including a catalog Addendum. Thanks for the many inquiries we're receiving on these quality consignments. We look forward to seeing you at the sales lane and online on Monday and Tuesday!

Join us at our Tack Sale: Tuesday morning, 7:30 a.m. Contact Mike Felty @ 502.633.2007 or Les Cunningham @ 859.404.1113.

Here's our Spring 2014 catalog and Addendum To Curry Dispersal (PDF files).

Curry dispersal will be held at our Spring auction. Robertson Equine Sales is pleased to present the complete dispersal of Saddlebred horses owned by Michael and/or Jonna Curry. Visit our online listings.

Register thyself. RES's new office data-handling system makes it faster than ever to get your business taken care of on sale day. You can help by registering yourself as a buyer. Whether you purchase or not, it puts you in our secure database so you'll receive updates from us ... and when you buy, we have your record already on file. Click here to register. Thanks!

Richfield Video will be providing Webcasting services of the Robertson Equine Sale, free of charge to viewers. We offer a special thanks to R. H. Bennett, a master at Webcasting and American Saddlebred promotion!

Best Western offers a discounted rate for RES attendees -- Shelbyville's Best Western hotel is convenient to the Shelby County Fairgrounds and now offers a discounted rate when you mention that you're attending the Robertson Equine Sale. Pets are accepted. To reserve, please phone (502) 633-4400.

Our mobile Web site is now up for smartphones! Search for consigned horses, view photos and videos, and much more at this special site that loads more quickly for smartphones: www.RobertsonEquineSales.com.

Cattleman's Roadhouse --This popular local restaurant will be on site at the Robertson Equine Sale with chicken and beef sandwiches, hearty fare and more. And, for those looking for libations, they'll offer a selection of beer and wines. You won't go hungry while viewing a nice selection of consigned horses!




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